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Dealth penalty October 19, 2007

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      In 2000, Benetton launched a new campaign entitled “Death row”. The goal was to cause a debate about the dealth penalty, making posters with pictures of American prisoners condemned to death. The posters give their names, the nature of their crime and the way they will die.

prisonnier2.jpg    prisonnier1.jpg    prisonnier3.jpg

      As a result of the campaign, a lot of association threatened to boycott Benetton shops and the Brand was pursued by the Missouri State because they didn’t know that their prisoners’picture will serve for advertising.


October 11, 2007

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Benetton is also famous for its offended and bothered ads.

1) a priest kisses a nun 


2) a baby with stil his umbilical cord and blood


3) the sida and homosexuality


 This method is more profitable for the brand because more people talk about benetton because of the polemic.


Why ? September 30, 2007

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More ads !!! This time you have association of History’s characters but what is the message behind these ones ? I don’t know… Give me your opinion.

1) Adam & Eve  2) jeanne d’Arc & Marylin   3)Leonard de Vinci & Caesar



Colors’power !!!! September 27, 2007

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Since the beginning, Benetton doesn’t make its ads like the others clothes brand. Oliviero Toscani, the company photographer, doesn’t show beautiful models. But he insists on Benetton value : colors. To illustrate the colors, Benetton shows crowd of multiracial people. Its ads insist more on multicultural side than clothes.




Welcome !!!

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Hi everybody !!!

Welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen and bienevido in my english marketing project !!!

Why such a international welcome message ?! Because I have chosen to make my blog on Benetton advertising.